lonely planet iran

                                      photo credit: mohammadali via photopin cc

Brat is something that we think that someone or something can inflict on us , because it cans inflict harm on us, it just effect even before the accidental injury, it is terror in its roots - is stimuli is an ancient , even older . It goes beyond the creation of the human body, and it is true , but the world is not obvious ( for example, without being saw ) - that is, the fear is seen as spiritual perhaps even more chilling because the land is not without reason mainly , it street child* not invented , discovered that - at some point in our pre -existence that accompanies us throughout our alive nesses , not on purpose now, I guess, not coincidentally, I 'm sure, but slowly , the senses , because it was available and functional, and there in its first discoverer ( and not the state of the world and blotted out). Someone this product , for all eternity later turned out to be something that we acknowledge in our mental health, our brain, so harmful , how could it be there ? It had to be came in. Or , more importantly, as a baby, even new ways of birds born this thing called brat, when you shake the nest, awaken the senses to cope with the affect of the birth. 

Allow me give you an example of a real war , I was inch Vietnam : When in an ammo depot in South Vietnam in 1971 , the enemy accepts found the correct position of the gap beyond the forest and the road to the download area where ammunition when it comes to this isolated and lonely, like a spider to a fly area , the soil is a tableland, and ammunition boxes are stacked around the dumpster and in the reception arena , which is a dusty place , with grooves and a line all but the right of the South China Sea , to the point of comely the discharge region itself, which is another strait road to the cabin ammunition, with tons and dozens by ammunition behind the cab , of coarse, the concern should be arriving at up all the garbage , and only God knows what would happen . Here , herbs and wild lizards call home , flies seem to have found the luxury of a home too, hut ammunition whiles ammunition scattered over an area of ten hectares - and part of the night, we are bombarded by rockets , just none hit the exact spot needed to trigger a chain reaction of explosions inside our ammunition entreats . 

Not acknowledging exactly when and where the enemy is , we all ( 40 soldiers we ) hesitate to ask the node and solitary anatomies with us, around us, if tonight is the night - it is built the horror of us , then morning comes , and we wonder : is this morning , when we are amazed by rockets again , because we composed hit overnight , spreads terror , alto the aurora till when is it enough , but knowing that our dump was saved , but not the trash of the Air Force , which was engulfed in flames , three miles away, we could see the clouds made WWF mushrooms. Is it the morning when everything is still going on and our defense is cleared , and the short day everybody , sooner or later , is my short day, but take everything personnel . 

Now we can hear not collapse one another in the sand, and once the door silently , in the cabin of ammunition, the door affords and closes renewable and watch every time he made , and wooden steps waiting - There is a wood mill , absorbing soldiers' boot as you go from one arrange to another , we can hear the conversations in the cabin, why and for what? 

Copiousness aberrant fear of physical damage from the day before, and rhythms have left our minds, the internal pores of our bodies have not all been soaked in our neurological systems , which has its own alert system , which could double this morning , which , shining winds fine line among security and the terror of a snake bite , his sorrows in circles us. 

What act we all listen to ? Why do not we discover all the sounds on either English of us? Hastily our ears still hear things that do not exist , why? Because we all know that the rockets are a whistle when it comes. There is a sound that is all that now look more closely at the most reassuring soldiers want out of there , he suffered the dark , we all felt like broken - church steeples . We know that a person was killed and went into shock when a stone fell at his animal foot*, and does not ring. The smell of fear is harmful to do with us , it filters all the ammunition depot , decaying within our souls. 

The strange forest of terror do not laugh because we are in a war zone, the reasons to avoid this city is out of the question , so some of us are saturated with this witch - blood. It is a war in his heart . The reason for the war composed created, it was to this end , to create terror, or at least a reason. Some soldiers except returned here this agency , and has become so common with them, that terrorism is a dependency builds in them. It becomes a stimulus and physical well-defined and debauchery , depravity , a reproduction of the other at a higher level to form depression, inbreeding atrocious violence and perversity . 

Cipher , even those whose acts by terror cannot allege exactly what causes , and some soldiers have Black Maria , sacred spirits made WWF cracks and the sound of angry profanity, and are on the side of Satan, and make sure not to deny the taste of ancestry , especially after they have acquired , there is a sealed group , all but three percent of humanity , which can kill without blinking , then go home and watch a sermon on boob tube. This is a puzzle for psychologists . They do not emit odors and their minds can only be heard faintly, and at certain times , at certain points inch the lower part of the big guns